In the past six years alone, Triangle
Builders has built a new facility or
provided extensive remodeling on
fifteen banking businesses.

This is what Kathy Smith from First
Kansas Federal Savings has to say:

“I just wanted to thank Triangle
Builders for the excellent job they did
on our remodel.  The transformation
that took place here amazes me every
time I walk into the office.  It was
exciting to be here to see the changes
take place during the past six months
and I’m so proud of the finished

With Triangle Builders experienced field
leaders and expert carpenters, we feel
confident that we will provide your
bank and your customers with a
beautiful banking facility that you will
be proud of.  We can customize your
institution with all the new safety and
security features necessary to meet all
of your FDIC needs in the new
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TeamBank, N.A., New Addition
Spring Hill, Kansas
Tenant—Crown Realty
Completed  2007
TeamBank, N.A., Spring Hill, Kansas
2,800 sqft New Facility
First Option Bank, Paola, Kansas
3,800 sqft New Facility
First National Bank, Waverly, Kansas
New Facility
First Option Bank, Spring Hill, Kansas
sqft New Facility
Completed 2007
Peoples Bank, Louisburg, Kansas
1,778 sqft Renovation
First Federal Savings
Louisburg, Kansas